Lola VeraCatering & Event Planning LLC

Hi, I'm Jeanette, Owner & Creator of Lola Vera Catering & Event Planning.  When you are looking to hire a caterer for your special event I think it's just as important to know a little bit about your caterer as well as what they cook, don't you?

My cooking style ranges from simple family style to dinner party elegance! I will cook almost anything for you and your guests!  I support local growers and businesses. This way, you know the origin and the freshness of your ingredients.  When a trip to the grocery story is necessary, read labels, know your ingredients.  Happy and Healthy are important and is what we strive for.

My Culinary Experience goes back more than 20 years of cooking for family, weddings, reunions, birthday parties. My official first year as Lola Vera Catering  beginning January 2014 in which we successfully catered 10 weddings, 1 birthday party, Bridal Shower and a dinner party. 

I  am thankful to be blessed with my cooking and planning talents among other craftiness to share with my family and community.  I love to create.  I'm one of those people whose brain doesn't turn off.  Creating new dishes in my mind, thinking about a new page format for my memory books, a new greeting card.  Family. Cooking. Travel. Crafting. Creating. Camping.  These are my passions. 

Lola Vera Catering is named after my grandmothers, Lola and Vera.  We had a very active family with cousins on both sides.  Lola was a very elegant lady, wife of an Oral Surgeon and loving mother of 5.  Vera was also elegant in her own way.  Vera was more of a down to earth, kneeling in the dirt digging up potatoes.  She was a nurse, a loving wife and a mother of five children.  I grew up with 5 brothers and our lives revolved around family.  I felt it was fitting to honor their memory in this way.